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About EES Remodeling

We are a fully recognized and licensed remodeling and renovation company based Palm Beach. We have years of experience rendering high-quality services for residential clients in Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, and Broward County. Our services include but are not limited to home remodeling, reconstruction, bathroom remodeling, new construction, and kitchen remodeling.

At EES, we use quality materials in all our projects. The quality materials come in handy in escalating the durability of your property. After any remodeling project, there’s an assurance your property will achieve an alluring appearance. Besides this, you’ll enjoy an escalation in the value of your property.

Your aims are also our aims. We ensure we execute the project to your desire and achieve the outcome you’ve been craving over the years. At EES, we don’t believe in being good enough, but we aim for perfection, and over the years, our past projects have proven so.

EES Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling
EES Remodeling - New Kitchen Remodeling

The Perfect Choice for Custom Home Improvement

At EES, we provide top-notch customer service since we value you as our customer. Upon visiting our offices, you’ll receive a warm reception from one of our staff, who will take you through our services. We have professional and friendly customer service agents who are always available to address your concerns 24 hours daily.

Affordability is also our priority. Regardless of your budget, we always have a way to actualize your home remodeling project. We will guide you on the best remodeling ideas depending on your budget. At EES, we offer the most affordable services in the market.

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